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Parker on RG3

Ok! Ok! We get it, this guy Parker is a moron, and any semblance of intellect he was thought to have is out the window. But, can we slow down on the praise for a guy who’s only real public credit to the world is running with and throwing a ball in a GAME!!!

As ignorant as this guys comments are, pouring such undo praise on RG3, can’t and won’t undo any offense taken from this one man’s comment.

I am a man, who happens to have pigment in my skin tone, the US census classifies my as “Black” or “African American”, I don’t know, nor do I have the resources to determine my ancestral origins. But, they could be Hispanic, Haitian, or any number of origins.

Many have commented and asked; when will we see each other as people? Well  we’ll see each other as people when we stop responding in words to those types of comments, and ask our government to cease any and all social and cultural classifications, and when we response in action against persons who think like a Parker, I’ve emailed ESPN and voiced my distaste for these type comments, will you?


Moses misses out on the promise made to him, after all that happened to lead him and the people
of God to that promise; both Moses and those to whom the promise was given miss
out. What a lesson this is! How important is “staying” committed, not simply
making the commitment, it wasn’t the receipt of the promise they missed out on,
or the understanding of it. They missed out on the fulfillment of the

As will all who follow this example, as will a church, and body,
and people of God that camp in sight of God’s promise and lack the faith to step
into it. We are the body of Christ, not figuratively, not metaphorically,
ACTUALLY, WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST, and we can either stand on the edge of that
promise, and in fear look on its truth and not act in accordance with God’s
commands and die outside that truth, or we can go forward, we can power forward
and claim that which God has promised to those whom live, and love His

Where are you today? Are you satisfied with the sight of
promise? Will you settle for just getting there?

Most will. It’s your
choice, are you of the generation of Moses or Joshua? The choice is ours, take
the land!

Remember, we are descendants of land, Adam is of the earth, we
return to the earth this land that carries in it the Breath of Life, the land we
take is not near the Jordan as it was for these brothers and sisters, but our
land is ourselves as Jeremiah describes, if His people, who are called by His
name will humble themselves and pray, seek His face and turn from there ungodly
ways, then He will forgive sins, fulfill promise, and heals lands

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